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The Most Powerful Word In The Universe

John Bullock

Many people around the world are testifying to the resurrecting power of the word of God. This book is an account of a life that seemed hopelessly broken and defeated, rising up back into a life of purpose and great victory. With careful examination of the Bible, the author tells how he not only benefited from this experience but also gained an understanding to hand on in plain language the revelation of Jesus’ only verbal command.

The Greek word, ‘Agape,’ is heart transforming and, when applied, word empowering. It has the power to resurrect, to create, to transform, to forgive and to remove obstacles. Though experienced by relatively few, it is available to all through Jesus. It is the most powerful word in the universe and it is born out of the heart of a loving God.

How To Live So You Never Have To Die

John Bullock

A look into the wider Biblical meaning of death. It is not simply the act of dying but also a condition that you can live in. Having been crossed over from death to life., it is still possible to be feeding death. This book is full of answers to help you to maximise your life.

The Bible says, desire gives birth to sin and sin when it is fully formed gives birth to death. You can recognise if you have given birth to death, you can, in God’s grace, redeem it and make sure that you never face it’s consequence again. Most of what we call life, the Bible calls death. This book will help you to see that everyone who is alive is affected by death. To be free of it will help you to find the abundant life that Jesus died to give you.

Tears, Spaghetti, and Angels

Debbie Bullock

From the valleys of Wales to the Savannah of East Africa, this is a unique and compelling story of transformation. A story of a girl who was born and raised in a pastor’s home and then went on to become a pastor’s wife.

This is an honest account of a life of inner transformation that was born out of a life time of observation of the church. Deb not only tells her story but she also presents, what she believes to be, some answers to the ineffectiveness of much of the church of today.

Get Your Feet Off The Table… (Or You’re Not Going To Make It!)

Debbie Bullock

Get your feet off the table is written to help Christians make it in today’s society. With humour, her own stories and strong truth in plain language, the author presents some keys that she believes will give a Christian the best chance of living the abundant life that Jesus died to give.

It’s a book that answers the questions like, ‘Why isn’t my life working out?’ and ‘Why did that happen to them?” The author believes that there are things you can do to make it less likely for life to go wrong. It is not a book about life without storms; but rather a book that will teach you to overcome every storm that may come your way.

HMS Life

John Bullock & David Crabb

A compelling story, a book of the miraculous, a book of undeniable transformation, hope, discovery and identity. A story of how to come from nowhere to somewhere that begins with degradation as two young boys, 15 & 16 come to terms with the of harsh realities of life at sea in the 1970’s British Royal Navy. This story is told with heartfelt reality with a lot of the bad bits left in. It’s raw and it’s real.

Two Lives In One Body

John Bullock

The very early years. John’s simply written testimony is a great read. It was first written by hand in exercise books during the early 80’s. This is a brilliant evangelistic tool which has seen many people saved and affected by it.

Heart In Mouth

John Bullock

Heart in the mouth was recorded live and is a look at life through the eyes of the heart. Through a combination of story telling, humour, poetry and impressions, this CD will move you to laughter and tears!